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"The 5th Kongsu Future Education Forum" and "International Joint Conference on Information, Media and Engineering (IJCIME2022)" will focus on the theme of "Digital Transformation and Future Education". Focusing on the transformation and reconstruction of traditional teaching paradigms promoted by intelligent education, the high quality development of education assisted by artificial intelligence, the education quality evaluation supported by big data, and the application mode of educational robot teaching, combined with Kongsu's educational thought, this paper discusses hot topics and innovative practices such as the deep integration of culture, education and technology, and the inheritance and innovation of education in the context of intelligent education, so as to jointly depict a new vision of future education in the era of digital transformation.

Kongsu Future Education Forum is a high-end education forum jointly sponsored by the Academic Committee of China Education Technology Association, Modern Education Technology Journal of Tsinghua University and China Education Big Data Research Institute in 2017. It has been successfully held for four times so far. Confucius, the teacher of all ages, and Socrates, the leader of philosophy, are the representatives of the eastern and western traditional cultures. The forum is named after the first word of the names of Confucius and Socrates, the two educators. It is regularly held around Confucius' birthday. The theme is centered on Chinese and Western civilization and future education, focusing on the exchange and mutual learning of Chinese and Western cultures and education, aiming to inherit and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and promote the sharing and integration of Chinese and Western civilizations on the basis of seeking common ground while reserving differences. The forum focuses on education informatization, faces future education, looks at the development trend of international education, advocates cross-border integration and industry university research interaction, promotes the deep integration of technology, culture and education, and aims to make due contributions to the innovative development of China's education.

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