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Big Data in Education and Teaching Effect Analysis

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Published: Quarterly |Established: 2003
ISSN: 1539-3100|EISSN: 1539-3119|DOI: 10.4018/IJDET

Special Issue Description

Big data in education, including the data generated in the process of educational activities, the data to be collected by education systems and the data used for educational development, are key elements to improve the quality of education and have become an important driving force to propel educational reform and innovation and optimally utilizing educational information. As a new engine in the field of education, big data development thinking and technology are constantly promoting education to gradually construct intelligent management, inform scientific decision-making, enhance teaching, research, and personalized learning. At present, the research on big data in the fields of education has attracted the attention of educational researchers, managers, decision makers and practitioners. In this context, the theme of the special issue is "big data in education and research on their application". In order to promote the exchange and discussion of big data research in education, the authors and editors collectively selected this brocade collection with a special issue on technological innovations and applications. The scope of the special issue focuses on three aspects: 1. Basic theory and application of education big data Representative keywords include "school", "big data", "higher education", "theoretical model", etc. In general, the focus of this direction can be divided into two aspects: first, the basic concept and connotation of educational big data, which studies and summarizes the basic characteristics and functions of educational big data; The second is the application research of educational big data, mainly in the fields of higher education, basic education and vocational education, focusing on the subversion of big data technology to traditional education and the promotion of teaching reform under the background of information age. This paper studies the impact of big data on the development of education, and discusses the transformation of education mode, the possible transformation of education, the new paradigm of education research, the reform of learning methods, etc. 2. Application of big data processing technology in the field of education Representative keywords include "data mining", "machine learning", "educational data mining", "distributed", "cloud computing", "visualization", etc. Researchers in this direction mainly discuss the data analysis technology, and pay attention to how to rely on data technology to analyze and mine massive educational data. Distribution, visualization and data mining are the main ways for big data technology to serve the field of education at present. In particular, educational data mining and machine learning predict the realization of intelligent discovery and prediction based on the statistical analysis of massive learning data, which may represent the potential model of education in the future. 3. Learning methods and teaching methods in the context of big data Representative keywords include "deep learning", "online learning", "E-Learning", "learning Analytics", "effect", "performance", etc. In this regard, it focuses on analyzing the great changes brought to education by the personalized learning mode based on big data technology, and promoting the reform of teaching mode oriented by in-depth learning, practice and problem solving. With the continuous application of Internet and other technologies in education, new learning methods are emerging. E-learning and online learning have not only changed the traditional education methods, but also promoted the formation and construction of new and appropriate teaching mode and learning environment. Big data technology can go deep into learning situations, discover hidden laws, provide educators with important information about learners' learning styles and learning behaviors, and realize scientific and accurate prediction of educational decision-making.

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Dr. Zhe Li
Specially Appointed Researcher, Osaka University, Japan
Professor, Fujian Normal University, China

Dr. Qiguang Yang
Professor, Fujian Normal University, China

Dr. Shih-Wen Hsiao
Professor, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan (China)

Dr. Juhong Christie Liu
Associate Professor, James Madison University, USA

Dr. Hai Zhang
Professor, Northeast Normal University, China

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